The key to Africa’s development is it’s people.

At Unlock Impact, we believe that Africans hold extraordinary potential to transform their economies, and it is our mission to unlock that potential by building their managerial soft skills that catalyze impact and drive progress for the continent.

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The Fellowship Program

The main objective of the Unlock Impact Fellowship is to enable the growth of small and growing social impact organisations and individuals working in those organisations.

Increased capacity for participating organizations

One of the key challenges that organisations face is access to affordable talent. Through this Fellowship, participating organisations will have the opportunity to grow skilled employees at a fraction of the cost, increasing organisational efficiency and unlocking their impact.

Career Advancement for Participants

The program equips individuals with the skills and competencies needed to advance their careers in a meaningful way while creating the greatest impact possible on the organisation.

Increased positive outcomes in communities

As participating organisations benefit from a more skilled workforce, their capacity to drive positive change within communities will be amplified. This Fellowship acts as a catalyst to ensure the operational continuity of impactful initiatives, addressing critical socio-economic challenges and fostering sustainable development.

A holistic approach

The Unlock Impact curriculum is competency-based, strategically design to empower and equip individuals with essential soft skills in three key management areas: managing self, managing projects, and managing others.

Organisation & Productivity

Fellows are equipped with the skills to design streamlined processes and systems that empower both themselves and their teams to execute tasks effectively and efficiently.


Fellows acquire the skills to effectively leverage their existing relationships and networks, both within and outside the organisation, as a means to drive results and achieve key company objectives.


Fellows develop the necessary skills needed to effectively communicate in a professional environment.

Project Management

Fellows cultivate project planning, management, monitoring, and evaluation skills by actively engaging in real projects aligned with company priorities.

People Management

Fellows develop skills essential for effectively managing, influencing, and empowering their colleagues and direct reports, enabling their growth and increased value contribution within their teams or companies.

From our fellows

Changing careers and lives one fellow at a time. Unlocking potential and unlocking their impact.

Patience M
This fellowship came at a time in my career when I was thinking through the best way to grow. UI has taught me to be in charge of my own growth, career, development, and to take initiative to ask questions in every space. I love how it has equipped me with practical tools that I found myself applying on the go.
Kal O
The past year Unlock impact has been some of the most fulfilling time i’ve had while learning, i interacted while a lot of colleague from different countries and background who I wouldn’t have, if not for Unlock Impact. This fellowship helped me Unlock skills, traits and potential that i had been a bit shy to explore.
Fatsani K
As a Country Representative, my job involves project design and implementation, and management of stakeholder relations. Through the UI fellowship, I have been equipped with critical and practical skills to better organise and manage my projects and partnerships.
William I
After I joined the program, I understood the importance of providing regular feedback, communicating clearly and taking initiative. I developed a culture of weekly check-ins through which I provided my team with regular feedback and I started to actively seek feedback from my supervisor.
Kacyiru, Kigali

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