Our Curriculum

Unlock Impact’s curriculum is strategically designed to meet learners where they are and support them to get where they want to go.

Drawing on the best practices of blended, flipped, inquiry-based and student-centered learning models, Unlock Impact’s curriculum is strategically designed to meet learners where they are and support them to get where they want to go. Our learning program develops in-demand, leadership and managerial skills by highlighting best practices, exploring case studies of practical applications and working with our partners to create opportunities for learners to demonstrate their new skills at work.  Our competencies span across a variety of leadership and managerial, soft-skills that allow for our Fellows to serve in a variety of leadership capacities at work. 

Our curriculum is broken into a series of modules that are currently taught in series. Modules are tied to a particular competency theme, with each subsequent learning module building upon and continuing to use the competencies found in previous modules. By spiraling the competencies throughout the curriculum, Fellows deepen their practice by using competencies in a variety of ways across a variety of contexts. This depth allows learners to sharpen their ability to see the nuance within decision-making and strategy that is required of successful leaders and managers. 

As a result of necessary changes due to the COVID-19 epidemic, much of our blended-learning model now draws on in-person elements being delivered live, but remotely. Although challenging, these changes have  brought about new opportunities to innovate the interface between learners and our curriculum and to leverage informal and formal communications systems already at play to benefit our learners. Throughout a week, learners engage in live or pre-recorded sessions, collaborate with peers on discussion boards and Whatsapp discussion groups and receive individualized support, coaching and feedback from their course facilitator. In this way, learning remains personalized throughout the full learning cycle. 

Outside of the classroom, our curriculum comes alive as our Fellows apply their learning quickly and effectively to their sites. We work with supervisors to support Fellows in transitioning what they learn through our curriculum to practical and useful applications at work. We offer webinar trainings and support to supervisors in order to best prepare them to support Fellows as they practice their new skills. By connecting learning with real-life assessment, our Fellows and our partner companies are able to rapidly find value in the professional development of their training leaders.