Our Learning Keys


Our learning begins in the classroom where Fellows engage in a variety of learning activities. Fellows inquire into best practices that leaders use across a variety of content areas. Learners make sense of this information by discussing and practicing their learning with other Fellows and engaging in webinars and other live sessions. Within the classroom, we assess a variety of qualities that help to form effective leaders and managers.


Supervisors and the workplace are at the center of our keys. While Fellows learn a variety of relevant and useful skills via the Unlock Impact Classroom Key, this learning must be guided and supported at the workplace to truly unlock impact. Fellows require support and opportunities to transition from the theoretical to practical applications. We work with supervisors to host conversations, provide feedback and develop beneficial projects that help Fellows to get the experience they need to practice leadership in the field.


The purpose of the Mentorship key is to expose Fellows to additional stakeholders that are more advanced in their careers and can provide the, “When I faced this problem…” point of view. In this way, Fellows are exposed to new stakeholders who have been in their shoes and can both give solid advice and model how to navigate new and challenging situations.


Our Fellows benefit from moving through our program as a cohort. Fellows have a shared learning experience within our online classroom and across discussion boards, groups and site-based teams. Fellows help to encourage one another both in the classroom and in the lab. Fellows also work together on a number of projects to practice their skills and receive feedback.